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The Rock United Ministries was founded in February of 2007. Our ministry is founded upon James 5:20, which states, "if we can help save one soul then all their sins have been washed away." We believe this and we work hard to accomplish the job given us by our Heavenly Father. Since February 11th, 2007, when we first opened our doors, we have grown to produce ministries that help change lives.




Pastor Samuel Orr (Lead Servant)

I accepted my calling to minister in July of 2005, and I finally listened to God, accepting that He was using me as a tool in His vineyard to start a church that would worship, not in religion, but in Spirit and Truth. What's amazing is that He told me He was going to place His best around me so that I would grow into the pastoral ministry. He told me to go into the highways, byways, streets and alleys, to find His lost sheep and bring them back into His flock. In Ezekiel 34, God lets us know that He is tired of His sheep being scatterd, so we must continue to work together to reach the lost at any cost. The Lord has told me to produce ministers who will teach and give Him glory in their ministries. He's tired of His people perishing from a lack of knowledge.

Minister Charlie Buchanan (Minister of Operations)

Minister Charlie Buchanan is a native of Spring Hill; TN .He comes from a large family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. He is a God fearing man that trust God in all aspects of his life. He has 3 teenaged boys that he tries to instill good morals. He may not lead people to Christ in the traditional way of standing behind the pulpit ministry but he reaches out to people at work, in the community, and often mentors his son’s friends about a Savior that can save anybody. He has been involved with youth ministry and currently supports the music ministry. Brother Buchanan and his wife Felicia Jones-Buchanan also have kicked this year off with couple’s ministry. He was licensed in March of 2010 at R.U.M. to bring forth the word how God sees fit for him to reach His people. His favorite book of the Bible is Corinthians.

Minister Felicia Jones-Buchanan (Minister of Administration)

Minister Felicia Jones-Buchanan is a native of Nashville TN. She has 3 sisters. She will often share testimonies about the Greatness of God and the many obstacles that she has overcome because of God’s grace and mercy. She is the proud mother of athletic teen boys that keeps her busy. She graduated from Tennessee State University with a B.S. degree in Sociology. She currently holds the position as church administrator, women’s ministry leader, and co teaches couples ministry with her husband of 10 years Charlie Buchanan. She received her ministry license in March 2010. She loves counseling and always emphasize the importance of having your on personal relationship with the Savior. Her favorite book of the Bible is Galatians.

Minister Tony Sowell (Prophet)

No bio available at this time.

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